Individual Therapy


Individual therapy is the one-to-one interaction between client and therapist. 

There are many scenarios which lead up to an individual seeking therapy and making the initial phone call to a therapist. Typically, people have made attempts on their own to curb whatever distressing symptoms they may be feeling. They might be experiencing the symptoms of a particular disorder such as depression; they may even have explored treatment in the past. Others simply feel stuck and are seeking extra support to renew their focus on what really matters to them in life.

At Resilience Chicago, we understand that there are many possible activities and supports that one can engage in to recover a sense of balance, joy, and mental health when times get tough. Yet we also truly believe in the transformative power of a trusting therapeutic relationship. Individual therapy is an invaluable tool that can help you discover your own resilience and bounce back from life’s challenges. 

What you can expect from individual therapy?

If, after your initial, free consultation with us, you decide that individual therapy is something you’re interested in pursuing, we’d begin by getting to know one another in a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment. We believe in a whole-person approach to treatment. At your initial appointment, we’d seek to explore more about your background and the nature and severity of the challenges you’ve been experiencing. We approach this relationship-building with both compassion and curiosity. 

We’d also discuss any goals you may have regarding your path to healing. Many of our clients are seeking to heighten their awareness of those barriers that may be preventing them from becoming their best, most creative, productive, and expressive selves. Others are simply seeking support as they traverse a particularly rocky period. After discussing your unique goals and background, the process of therapy would involve seeking to understand your history in greater depth and your personal approach to addressing life’s challenges, relating to others, and being (or discovering) who you truly are. 

As we continue this confidential dialogue, we’ll seek to identify the therapeutic approach that will be most impactful to your particular situation. Resilience therapists are trained in multiple empirically-based treatment modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), among others. We strongly believe in the importance of providing culturally sensitive care that is attentive to your family history, personal narrative, and unique ways of being in the world. 

We’re here to help


We believe that therapy can point you to new ways of taking care of yourself and the world around you. The process of healing and self-discovery can take time, effort, and patience, but it holds the promise of deep and lasting personal growth, authenticity, and fulfillment.