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Anxiety can be a normal, and helpful, response to worrisome situations. It’s when you begin to feel a sense of chronic, excessive worry about many different aspects of life that anxiety gets in the way of you being your best self. It is also common for anxiety to begin to take shape in physical forms such as headaches, stomach pains, GI issues, and fatigue. When this happens it may be time to seek support. 

Anxiety is a commonly used term to describe the intense sense of worry that we experience in preparation, or in anticipation, of an event. While anxiety can be used as a general term to describe these often unwelcome feelings, there are many clinical presentations under the anxiety umbrella. Sometimes anxiety presents itself as a constant, severe sense of generalized worry, while for other people, anxiety appears in the form of panic attacks in response to specific situations. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is also a related condition that may produce impulsive feelings that you must behave in some specific way to remove the unwanted feelings of anxiety (for example, by repetitive hand washing). However your feelings of anxiety are manifesting, we know how painful it can be to constantly worry or to feel that things are on the verge of falling apart. We know, too, how incredibly common anxiety is in today’s society, and how often it occurs alongside other distressing conditions like depression. The therapists at Resilience are here to help.



Anxiety is a treatable condition. Through individual, one-on-one therapy, we can develop a therapeutic plan together that is tailored to your specific issues, experiences, background, culture, and goals. Our therapists are trained in using empirically-based treatment modalities to progressively reveal insights about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors—and, importantly, how they’re all connected. As you gradually gain more understanding of these connections and how they can permeate your existence, you’ll find that many areas of your life begin to evolve and to heal—and not only your levels of anxiety. We believe in the power of creating a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental environment in which you feel free to fully explore your feelings of anxiety and how they’re affecting the many domains within your social, emotional, creative, and professional life. Through open, friendly, down-to-earth conversation, we can help you to manage and change intrusive, negative thoughts; improve your ability to relax and rest; ease tension; loosen the grip of worry over your daily life; and find your unique path to personal fulfillment and serenity.

There is hope. We invite you to reach out to us for a free consultation.


Common symptoms of anxiety:

•  Excessive worry
•  Insomnia
•  Irritability
•  Muscle tension
•  Headaches
•  Withdrawal

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