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Whether we’re at home, work, or play, today’s world is rife with stimuli and stressors that can make it difficult to maintain a sense of balance between our mind and body. The experience of chronic stress and burnout has become so common in our society that many people live their day to day lives with a feeling of persistent disconnection. They may feel unable to connect with their innermost thoughts and feelings, their bodily sensations, or both. 

Experiences of emotional stress—whether chronic or acute—can spell trouble for our physical bodies, causing shallow or rapid breathing, and perpetuating the experience of depression and anxiety within us. When this happens, our bodies respond by tensing up in the shoulders, jaw, or neck. This can also lead to sleeplessness, headaches, dizziness, fainting, and a lowered immune response. We might find ourselves getting sick more frequently and overall feeling wiped out.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, please know that the therapists at Resilience Psychological Services are here to offer help and hope. We know that the mind and body are intricately connected, and that whatever happens to one will inevitably influence the other.



At Resilience Psychological Services, Dr. Masuma Rasheed’s practice focuses on both the mind and the body, placing a special emphasis on appreciating and exploring how our bodies physically carry stress and tension. For many people, incorporating the body into the healing process can greatly enhance the positive effects of talk therapy. By paying greater attention to what your body is trying to signal, you become more able to tune in to other thoughts and feelings. For this reason, Dr. Rasheed often integrates elements of yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and overall body awareness in her therapy sessions, when appropriate and desired by the client. 

Ultimately, Dr. Rasheed believes that, by using the connection between mind, body, and breath during the counseling session, we can heal the body and harness the power of mindfulness to elevate the mood. Restoring mind-body balance can reduce experiences of stress, tension, and burnout, while leading you to feel more alive, inspired, and resilient. 

Here at Resilience, we offer you a non-judgmental, safe, and calming space to deepen connection with both your mind and body, so that you feel more prepared to take on life’s challenges and opportunities. Please contact us for a free consultation. 


Common symptoms of mind-body imbalance

•  Tension in the shoulders, jaw, or neck
•  Persistent feelings of stress or burnout
•  Exhaustion
•  Dizziness or fainting
•  Shallow or rapid breathing
•  Mood swings
•  Anxiety


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