Relationship Challenges

Resilience Psychological Services

Resilience Psychological Services

Relationship Challenges


Navigating the ups and downs of romantic relationships can be an incredible growth experience—yet also, at times, immeasurably challenging. In these relationships we are often called upon to be so many versions of ourselves: a lover, a roommate, a business partner, a best friend. We invite our romantic partners to witness aspects of ourselves that we don’t typically share with anyone else. This context creates a tremendous vulnerability that, at times, can be thrilling and help us to forge powerful and loving connections with our partners. 

At other times, though, this vulnerability may begin to feel painful when we feel unheard, disrespected, confused, or fragile within our romantic partnerships. This can lead to feelings of being ‘stuck’ or lost as the same arguments may play on repeat for you and your partner, leaving you with little hope that they’ll ever be resolved. You might struggle with issues related to intimacy, sex, and/or infidelity; finances; life transitions like marriage, growth of a family, or career changes; and/or general communication, among other issues. 

Whether one or both of you are feeling distress in your relationship, know that you’re not alone, and we can help. We find that obstacles in a relationship begin to compound one another as myriad issues, large and small, are regularly left unresolved. If this sounds like your relationship, we’re here to help. Note, too, that if one or both partners struggles with a mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety or addiction, it can be helpful to engage in therapeutic conversation both together and individually. This is something you may wish to discuss with your therapist. 



At Resilience, we offer individual, couples, and family therapy services, so that we may help you address your relationship challenges alone and/or in dialogue with your loved ones. We provide a safe, non-judgmental, comforting space for one or both members of the relationship to hear and be heard. At your initial appointment, we’d seek to explore more about your background and the nature and severity of the challenges you’ve been experiencing in your relationship. We believe it’s important to consider your relationship with yourself as well. So we’ll likely want to talk with you about aspects of your individual experience, such as your family of origin, your background, your individual values and beliefs, and how you came to find your partner. By reflecting on past experiences—as well as new interactions as they arise—we’ll begin to identify and explore the relationship dynamics that are causing you distress, and the alternate dynamics that, if put into practice, could offer relief and renewed connection. 

We recognize, of course, that your relationship issues may either extend beyond or primarily affect your non-romantic relationships as well. Perhaps you are struggling with issues with other family members, friends, or coworkers. Contact us for a free consultation to figure out how best we can be of help to you. 

Fulfilling, loving, mutually respectful relationships can be a precious gift—and they require attention and care. Let us help you to cultivate the skills and insights necessary to strengthen and deepen your relationships with those you love most.


What you may be feeling:

•  Isolation, loneliness, or difficulty concentrating
•  Challenges communicating your feelings
•  Difficulty trusting others
•  Feelings of betrayal
•  Problems with intimacy
•  Fear of abandonment or fear of commitment
•  Misunderstood or unheard
• Difficulty navigating conflict or confrontation

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