Spiritual Identity

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Spiritual Identity


For many people, their spiritual identity is an extremely meaningful and important part of their self-understanding. Just as their daily life is guided by their religious and moral convictions, they may choose to engage in therapy that also incorporates these spiritual beliefs. When therapy fails to attend to a person’s faith—or when it proposes interventions that may even conflict with that faith—both the goal of therapy and the therapeutic relationship underpinning it can be jeopardized. Unfortunately this is a very common experience, because many therapists tend to shy away from engaging the patient in conversation about religious or spiritual beliefs. 

At the same time, faith-based therapy isn’t focused on promoting religious practices or getting the patient to understand or believe in the faith of the therapist. The intent is really to recognize and integrate the patient’s moral and spiritual identity into the therapeutic journey as it unfolds. For some people, that spiritual identity itself may be in question. Therapy can be a helpful place to process and reflect on your experiences, to talk through pressing conflicts, and to understand how these challenges are impacting your quality of life and your broader development of a sense of self, your relations with others, and your beliefs about living an authentic life. 



At Resilience, we have therapists who can support you with faith-based and values-driven therapy, if this is of importance to you. (It’s also certainly okay if spirituality isn’t your thing.) We can help support you as you find your way to healing in mind, body, and spirit. As we listen to your thoughts and feelings, and as we help you to process your experiences and find a path forward in therapy, we’ll keep an eye toward how or whether your living is in alignment with the values you choose to share with us. We know that great authenticity and aliveness can come from living in a way that expresses our most deeply held values. 

How would you describe your character? What do you stand for? What are the roles you’ve chosen to take on in your life? What do you want your legacy to be? These are some of the kinds of questions that we may choose to explore as we work together to understand your broader concerns and challenges in all areas of your life, and to view them aside your moral perspective on the world. We want you to feel comfortable openly discussing with us all of the things that make you who you are. We pride ourselves on providing culturally sensitive, compassionate care. 

Faith-based and values-driven therapy can be incredibly effective on the path to peace, centeredness, and serenity. Please contact us today for a free consultation.


What you may be experiencing:

•  Confusion or stress about your spiritual identity
•  Imbalance, or a sense that you're neglecting part of yourself
•  Feeling like your life and your faith are out of alignment
•  Past therapy that seemed to ignore your spiritual side
•  Anxiety, depression, or other mental health  conditions

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