Couples Therapy





A common misconception about “couples therapy” is that it’s intended for those who are on the verge of divorce or separation. While this is certainly true at times, couples therapy can also help to improve relationships before they come to that point. Much of the work done in couples therapy can be considered preventative, helping the couple to truly hear one another. Furthermore, couples therapy is not only beneficial for married couples, but for any individuals seeking to work together within the context of their romantic relationship to repair, reflect on, or reaffirm their partnership.

So how do you know if couples therapy is right for you? One or both members of the relationship may be experiencing distress, a feeling of being ‘stuck’ or disconnected within the relationship, and a sense that outside help is needed in navigating the relationship problems. Frequently, couples report that they continually struggle with the same arguments and cannot seem to find a way to understand, transcend, or prevent these fights. Couples often report issues with intimacy, sex, infidelity, finances, life transitions like marriage, growth of a family, or career changes, and general communication, among other issues. 

We find that obstacles in a relationship begin to compound one another as myriad issues, large and small, are regularly left unresolved. If this sounds like your relationship, we’re here to help. Note, too, that if one or both partners struggles with a mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety or addiction, it can be helpful to engage in therapeutic conversation both together and individually. This is something you may wish to discuss with your therapist. 

What you can expect from couples therapy

Couples therapy provides a safe, non-judgmental, comforting space for both members of the relationship to hear and be heard. If, after your initial, free consultation with us, you decide that couples therapy is something you’re interested in pursuing, we’d begin by getting to know each other in a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment. At your initial appointment, we’d seek to explore more about each of your backgrounds and the nature and severity of the challenges you’ve been experiencing together. We pride ourselves on the culturally competent care we provide to both individuals and couples.

While our central focus in couples therapy is the relationship, we still believe it’s important to consider what you each bring individually to the partnership, so we often discuss your family of origin, your background, your individual values and beliefs, and how you came to find one another. Together, we’ll consider how therapy could support your relationship, and which goals we might want to work toward. By reflecting on past experiences—as well as new interactions as they arise—we’ll begin to identify and explore the relationship dynamics that are causing you distress, and the alternate dynamics that, if put into practice, could offer relief and renewed connection. 

We’re here to help


Because the therapist ensures that both members of the couple have an equal voice in this ongoing conversation, our clients often report that couples therapy has supported their individual mental health, not only the health of their relationship. We’ll work together until you both feel confident that your goals have been met, and that your interactions with one another are infused with a sense of harmony and mutual respect. Contact us today to begin this path together. 

Note that, if your partner is not quite ready to engage in couples therapy, that’s totally normal, too! You may consider beginning by engaging in individual therapy without your partner. While getting to know you, our therapists can help you to explore new ways to talk with your partner about how impactful couples therapy could be for your partnership.