Christy Querol, therapist




Dr. Christy Querol is a post-doctoral fellow who earned her Doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University in South Florida. Raised by Dominican parents in Miami, Dr. Querol is also fluent in Spanish. Dr. Querol specializes in working with adults who are dealing with challenges related to low self-esteem, relationships, trauma and anxiety. She has also established herself as a specialist in the area of weight loss, binge eating, and food addiction and regularly works with individuals who are preparing for bariatric surgery.











Get to know Dr. Christy Querol

The Resilience team is proud to welcome Dr. Christy Querol into the practice. Dr. Querol obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Prior to moving to Chicago, Dr. Querol completed her year-long clinical internship at WellSpan Behavioral Health in York, Pennsylvania. Her generalist graduate training experiences include working within the Miami VA healthcare system and the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. Dr. Querol has since identified her passion for working with adults in an outpatient, private practice setting. It is here where she feels that she is best able to use her specialized skills, authentically connect with clients, and work towards meaningful change. 

Dr. Querol operates from a holistic framework and places a strong value on the mind-body connection. She works collaboratively with her clients in a safe environment to help them understand how their body, mind, emotions, and spirit contribute to their well-being, personal fulfillment, and relationships. Dr. Querol will help you explore with warmth, curiosity, and compassion while staying attuned to how your family of origin, cultural context, beliefs or lifestyle may be getting in the way of what you desire in your life right now. Because she believes that no single form of therapy is best, or even adequate, in all situations, she draws from her expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, family systems, and attachment-based interventions to tailor her work to the client’s specific, individualized needs.  

Generally speaking, Dr. Querol places an emphasis on helping her clients to arrive at a place in their lives where they feel in alignment with their authentic self. For some, this may mean working through symptoms of anxiety, trauma, or depression. It can also include working through unresolved childhood wounds which may impact current relationships or self-esteem. Dr. Querol’s mission is to help her clients achieve their goals of overall well-being and cultivate the tools necessary to become their own healer through this life journey. 

Dr. Querol has additional interest in helping clients change unhealthy behaviors such as binge eating or food addictions. These behaviors may be rooted in an attempt to exercise some control in life or to mask intolerable thoughts, feelings or memories. Regardless, if these behaviors are no longer healthy and interfere with the quality of life, Dr. Querol assists her clients with developing and implementing an individualized treatment plan to aid in their move towards change. 

This passion for health and wellness led Dr. Querol to found the Whole Health Method virtual coaching system while in graduate school. Her method was aimed at reducing the barriers which often prevent individuals from meeting their health and nutrition goals. While collaborating with a nutritionist, Dr. Querol emphasized treatment compliance and tailored plans which helped clients to overcome challenges and achieve lasting results. 

True to her motto of living a balanced lifestyle, when she’s not working, Dr. Querol’s self-care routine incorporates play (e.g., dance, movement, and laughter), self-reflection (e.g., meditating and journaling), and exploration (e.g., reading, trying new restaurants, and visiting museums). Dr. Querol is committed to help you find, and live, the lifestyle you desire.