Brittany Jackson — Therapist




Brittany Jackson earned her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Brittany uses a holistic approach to healing, through which she examines all aspects of a person’s life to help them identify problem areas and get back on track. She views wellness as a multi-dimensional state involving our whole selves—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and occupational.  By neglecting one or more of these areas, we can throw our whole self out of balance.




Get to know Brittany

Brittany Jackson studied clinical professional psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. She has experience working in both inpatient and outpatient facilities, and also in local communities. Her work with clients focuses on providing high-quality, holistic mental health services. As she attends to each individual’s mental health concerns, she considers their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and occupational needs. If one aspect of ourselves feels depleted, she has found, it is often the case that many other areas of our life will feel impacted as well. 

Brittany’s practice tends to focus on the young professional who is struggling with work/life balance, identity development, setting and maintaining boundaries, developing an emotional vocabulary, anxiety or depression, perfectionism, spiritual identity, gender/sexual identity, self-esteem, and maintaining or developing healthy relationships. 

Brittany firmly believes that therapy is a dynamic partnership, in which she walks alongside her clients as they move through the journey to their best selves. She provides an open space for the client to occupy—as much as they may need—and she is there to help guide, support, and empower them while holding their pain, frustration, sadness, fear, anger, and moments of change, excitement, and celebration. The partnership inherent in the therapeutic process should be honest and open: Brittany will put you at ease as you discuss hard or embarrassing topics, and unpleasant feelings, but she’ll also challenge you. 

Acknowledging her own encounters with anxiety, procrastination, and perfectionism, Brittany knows what it’s like to set overly unrealistic expectations for oneself. How can we ever appreciate and enjoy the present if there’s always something more we “should” be doing? In the constant question for perfection, we can lose sight of the pleasure and satisfaction to be gained on the journey to reaching our goals. By accepting nothing less than winning, we set ourselves up to fail while experiencing perpetual anxiety in the search for perfection. Brittany will work with you to unpack the rigidity of these thought processes, while helping you to reshape the way you think about these expectations.

For those seeking therapy that integrates aspects of their faith, Brittany maintains space for the client to bring spirituality into the dialogue and she is open to discuss it as the client sees fit. If working through your spirituality is a known goal, Brittany will incorporate that into your treatment. However, she also never forces spiritual elements into the therapeutic conversation.

With respect to her clinical approach, Brittany will uncover your unique story, identify challenges, and create realistic goals for treatment, and you’ll check in regularly together about how you both feel the process is going, and will fine-tune it as needed. Her goal is to help you find your own answers, make empowered decisions, and feel truly confident about the choices you do make. Brittany’s approach is very hands-on: She’ll often provide therapeutic activities for clients to do between sessions. In fact, she’s a firm believer that the work clients do in between sessions is where growth happens and is just as important as what happens during the therapy session itself. Brittany intentionally helps clients to develop self-care practices for the mind, body, and spirit. She has found that these practices help her clients to discover new levels of confidence, serenity, and self-acceptance.

In her free time, Brittany builds her own healthy, holistic lifestyle. She loves trying her hand at new recipes in the kitchen, and staying active with dance and yoga. She likes to flex her creative muscles as well with painting, coloring, bullet journaling, and attending live music events. She prays daily and keeps a gratitude jar, and has found these practices enormously strengthening.